Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016

Here by Denise Grover Swank (On the Otherside book 1) *****

Julia a sixteen year old teenage girl who had a car accident which changed her life forever. While she had a broken leg only, her best friend Monica died in the car crash. Julia cannot live with the fact that she is responsible for Monca's death and this affects her school grades which are getting worse each day and also her family life. She has memories of the accident, but in these she died and Monica lives. The docs say it's because of her head injury, but why is she talented in drawing lately, a thing she never was? And where does the bracelet engraved with her name come from when no one has seen it before the accident but was found exactly there? And then there is her classmate Evan who dates another girl. He never paid attention to Julia, but recently he seems to be obsessed with her. He's volunteering to tutor her and offers his help with other things as well since his disappearance for two days a week ago.
When the police is searching for Even at her home one evening, he asks her to come with her. He tells her that Monica is still alive and that he will explain everything later. Without hestitaion, she follows him, not knowing where he will take her. And what she finds is something she has ever expected.

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356 pages

Another good read. This book is awesome. The writing style is fluent and while reading you just cannot stop. I will definitely read There as well.
Five stars *****

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