Sonntag, 20. März 2016

Silence Among Stars by Joanna S. Morris *****

Eden Huntleigh has everything a girl of 16 years can only dream of. She lives within the palace walls of Empyrian and wears nice dresses all the time. She has enough to eat and never is hungry. Her food isn't rationed like the peoples food outside the palace. And more important than everything else... She is the one intended to marry Cesar, the one and only ruler of Empyrian. But why does it all feel so wrong? Shouldn't she be the happiest girl of the world?
One day a handsome stranger appears and insists that she isn't the girl she thinks she is. Should she trust him or not? Since her gut tells her something is wrong she wants to find out if the stranger is telling the truth and she leaves the palace walls to join the strangers rebel group which wants to fight Cesar.
Will she find out who she really is and is the stranger is telling the truth?

Find it out by reading this awesome book.

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212 pages

This is the sequel of Echo Among Stars and this book is just as awesome as the first one. You read page after page and just cannot stop reading because you wanna know what happens next. Here and there you get a little heart attack but that is ok, just go on with reading. I cannot wait for the conclusion. I also like this book's cover a lot. I bet the third cover will be as nice as the first two.

Five stars again!

Echo Among Stars by Joanna S. Morris *****

Eden Huntleigh is a normal girl of 16 years who lives with her family in Empyrian which is ruled by The Renegades and their leader Cesar. Being normal in Empyrian means streets being patrolled by people with a special training that makes them "bots", human beings without any feelings that are more like robots. These humanoid soldiers make sure that no one is disobedient. You don"t make your own choices, your life is planned for youand all necessities are rationed.
One day everything changes for Eden when the heirloom of her grandfather sends her an omen. She, her best friend Millie and her brother Jude find themselves with a group of rebels who want to dispossess Cesar. They have no other choice than join them because in the meanwhile Cesar has kidnapped their families. The rebels try to prepare themselves as good as possible to face Cesar and his troops. But they are not ready for what is awaiting them...

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218 pages

I really enjoyed this enthralling book because the story is awesome and the characters are "real".  You really feel with them and like or dislike a few of them. The solvent writing style is another thing I like a lot.  I couldn't put it out of my hands. It is a must read. And look at the covers layout. Isn't it lovely?  

For me this is a five stars read.