Montag, 30. Mai 2016

Fire Among Stars by Joanna S. Morris *****

Fire Among Stars is the last book in the series and it's a must read if you've read and loved the previous two books.

Eden Huntleigh and the group of rebels are safe for now but after the disappearance of Cecily, the witch who has wanted to help and where the rebels found shelter, they have to face the truth. Their safety won't last long and Ceasar will strike soon so their only chance to stand a bit of the fight is to strike first. Without Cecily they have a new plan which is the only possibility to win. And it seems they have a new ally but no one knows if he can be trusted. They already have been deceived before. This plan is risky and everything Eden loves will be at stake. But there is no way out, she has to face the lion's den again. 

Is the new ally trustworthy and will Eden and the rebels survive? Read the book to get the answers!

Create Space Independent Publishing Platform
172 pages
ebook/ paperback (I've loved the ARC so I ordered the paperback)

I received an ARC for my honest opinion.

To tell the truth I couldn't wait for this conclusion. I've loved the other two books so much.  I enjoyed every single page of this book, even if things happened that I didn't like that much, but if it wasn't this way it wouldn't be that plausible. All in all it's a five star read. 
Since I've liked her books and writing style a lot, I hope Joanna S. Morris will write more books in future.

5 stars

Sonntag, 8. Mai 2016

White Hot Kiss (Steinerne Schwingen) by Jennifer L. Armentrout (The Dark Elements book 1) *****

Layla isn't a normal teenage girl. She is half demon and half gargoyle. Due to that she isn't allowed to live a normal life which she'd love to live. She lives with a Warden clan, gargoyles, who teach her Warden life which means protecting the humans against the demons. But she tries to be normal so she attends school  and has human friends. She also has a crush on someone- Zayne- a Warden who treats her like his sister. Problem is that due to her demon blood she possesses abilities no one else possesses and killing a person or Warden by a kiss is only one thing. So there could never be a real relationship with him.
Then one day she meet Roth, a handsome, tattooed demon who is interested in her. With him kissing wouldn't be a problem but being with a demon would ruin her chances with Zayne and she would lose her Warden family.
But when she discovers she's the reason for a demon uprising and the end of the world is close, everyting changes and kissing a demon is her smallest problem.

Harlequin Teen
400 pages

I liked this book a lot because I heve never read a book with demons AND gargoyles before. For me this has been a new idea and I like new stuff. It's been the first book I read by the author and I really like her writing style.
5 stars *****

Dieses Buch ist unter dem Namen "Dark Elements 1 - Steinerne Schwingen" in Deutschland erschienen.

Layla ist kein normaler Teenager, sie ist halb Dämon, halb Gargoyle und führt deswegen auch kein normales Leben, das sie aber gerne hätte. Ihr Zuhause ist ein Wächter-Klan, Gargoyles, die ihr ein Wächterleben und die dazu gehörigen Werte vermitteln. Die Menschen zu beschützen ist ihre Aufgabe. Dennoch versucht Layla ein normales Leben zu führen und geht zur Schule und hat dort auch Freunde.
Sie ist sogar in Zayne verliebt, einen Wächter, der sie als seine Schwester sieht. Das ist nicht das einzige Problem. Dank ihres Dämonenbluts kann sie niemanden küssen, ohne diese Person umzubringen. Deswegen könnte es nie eine Beziehung zwischen den beiden geben. Dann taucht eines Tages Roth aus, ein gutaussehender, tätowierter Dämon, der sich sehr für sie interessiert. Mit ihm hätte sie nicht das "Küss-Problem" aber wenn sie sich auf ihn einlassen würde, würde sie jegliche Chance mit Zayne verspielen und auch gleichzeitig ihre Wächter-Familie verlieren. Als sie aber herausfindet, dass sie der Grund für einen Dämon-Aufstand ist und das Ende der Welt bevorsteht, ändert sich alles und Roth zu küssen ist ihr kleinstest Problem.

368 Seiten
Gebundene Ausgabe

Here by Denise Grover Swank (On the Otherside book 1) *****

Julia a sixteen year old teenage girl who had a car accident which changed her life forever. While she had a broken leg only, her best friend Monica died in the car crash. Julia cannot live with the fact that she is responsible for Monca's death and this affects her school grades which are getting worse each day and also her family life. She has memories of the accident, but in these she died and Monica lives. The docs say it's because of her head injury, but why is she talented in drawing lately, a thing she never was? And where does the bracelet engraved with her name come from when no one has seen it before the accident but was found exactly there? And then there is her classmate Evan who dates another girl. He never paid attention to Julia, but recently he seems to be obsessed with her. He's volunteering to tutor her and offers his help with other things as well since his disappearance for two days a week ago.
When the police is searching for Even at her home one evening, he asks her to come with her. He tells her that Monica is still alive and that he will explain everything later. Without hestitaion, she follows him, not knowing where he will take her. And what she finds is something she has ever expected.

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
356 pages

Another good read. This book is awesome. The writing style is fluent and while reading you just cannot stop. I will definitely read There as well.
Five stars *****

Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley *****

Aza Ray isn't a normal teenage girl due to a lung disease no doctor nor medicine can heal. Nevertheless she's a regular guest at the hospital. She can hardly breath and it's getting worse each day. It's just a matter of time until she will die, but the doctors thought she would die as a child and still she lives. So her family and her best and only friend Jason try to live a normal life as far as it is possible. Aza and Jason always hang out together and he never questions Aza. They have more-than-frienldy feelings but don't talk about that. Shortly before her 16th birthday Aza sees a ship and the sky and she hears someone calling her name. Everyone thinks it's due to her medicine except Jason. He always tries to find explanations for everything, so he believes her and starts searching for clues in the internet.
When Aza breaks down and becomes unconscious due to her sickness no one can help her. She dies in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. While her family and Jason grieve her loss, she finds herself in another world, in Magonia. There she can breath without any problems for the first time and she seems to have immense power. But she doesn't have much time to recover before she finds out that a war is coming and both Earth and Magonia are at risk. It's up to Aza how everything will end. What will she do? Will she save Magonia or Earth?

To get the answer you have to read this book.

320 pages

I really enjoyed the book from the first to the last page. This book is special in a way I cannot put into words. It's also different to all the books I 've read so far and I've read lots of books in my life. I guess it's because of the writing style and the way it's printed. I can hardly explain it. You have to read and see it by yourself to know what I mean. It's different. Believe me.
 5 stars *****